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Gloucester, VA  AFS is proud to serve: Military (including ships and shipboard coatings) DOD (including tanks and mobile vehicles) Aircraft, Aerospace (including flight critical items) NASA (space and flight items) Commercial Specialty ANODIZE Chromic Hardcoat Hardcoat with Teflon Impregnation Sulfuric ELECTROLESS Nickel Nickel with PTFE ELECTROPLATING Cadmium Copper Chromium Gold Nickel Silver Tin Zinc ADDITIONAL PROCESSES Chemical Conversion Passivation Black Oxide Phosphate Dry Film Lubricate Xylan, Teflon HVOS Metalizing Electropolishing Powder Coating Abrasion Resistance Anti-Gauling Anti-Seizing Conductivity Hardfacing Ceramic Heat Resistance Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief of Hardended Steels Lubricative Non-Conductive Outgas Free Paint Adhesion Spec. Painting Single Layer, Duplex Layers, Tri-Layers Specialty Masking Requirements Severe Corrosion and Wear Resistance Soderability Polymers (PTFE, FEP, MFA, PFA) Packaging and Food Industry coatings that are FDA approved We also specialize in the engineering field of coatings and outgas free coatings We can engineer a specific coating or coatings for your application We can custom blend specialty dyes for a particular color match application for anodizing. Tight Tolerance Applcations Refurbish, Repair on Worn, Used or Mismatched Parts Surface Hardening REGULAR SERVICES SPECIALTY SERVICES With over 30 years of professional experience, we specialize in the following metal finishing operations: We can pick-up and deliver within 100 miles. We can also provide specialty services in the following areas of metal finishing: We offer many other specialty services, please call to inquire about your specific application: